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Night Classes Begin on AUGUST 17th!

Day Classes Begin on AUGUST 17th!

Online Classes AUGUST 17



   LOCATING YOUR TEXTBOOKS  (on this website) 

    Step 1    Go to "Course Materials".  Make sure the correct semester is checked (Fall, Spring, Summer).  
    Step 2    Select the Term from the dropdown box.

    Step 3    Pick a course from your schedule.  For example: MAT 1313 (College Algebra).  The Course Prefix
                   is the 3 letters before the 4 numbers. In this example the course prefix is MAT.

    Step 4    Select MAT in the list of Departments dropdown box. 

    Step 5    Select the course and section from the next dropdown box.

    Step 6    Click on "Add Course ".

    Step 7    Continue with each course and add to the list.

    Step 8    Click on "Get Course Materials" to view your textbooks.

         You may print a listing at this time from the "Print Book List".

    Online and Hybrid courses have a "W" in front of the section number.
   Night classes have a "N", and Honors have "H". 
   All SECTIONS - All sections under that course number
(day, night, online, hybrid or honors) use the same textbooks.

                          Course          Section
       ACC 1213      ALL SECTIONS       All ACC 1213 sections use the same textbooks.
                             ART 1113      W08-W10              These are online sections.
                             CHE 1114      01, N02                 Regular day and Night class.
                             ENG 1123      01-25, H02, N28    Sections 1-25, Honors & Night.