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  Fall Retail Buyback Starts ??

900 South Court St. Ellisville, MS 39437
Phone Number:


Store Hours:

Fall & Spring

8 am - 4 pm

Monday - Thursday

8 am - 3 pm



8 am - 3 pm

Monday - Friday

Special Hours:

During our "rush" period

(first days of classes)

the store hours are usually extended. These hours

will be posted.

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Retail:  (Textbooks we buy back for the upcomming semester.)

    JCJC will pay approximately 50% of the textbook's value if it qualifies as follows:
  • Will be used the next semester at JCJC.
  • Inventory in the Bookstore is not overstocked.
  • Is in reusable condition.

Wholesale:  (Textbooks we buy back for someone else.)

    Books not needed at JCJC, but having a national demand, may be

    purchased for wholesalers at a price determined by them. 

    Old editions usually have no value.

The best time to sell your books is during the week of finals.

Please remember to bring some form of pictured identification with you.  Your Student I.D. is preferred.

All refunds/exchanges are at the discretion of the management.



Night Classes Begin on AUGUST 17th!

Day Classes Begin on AUGUST 17th!

Online Classes AUGUST 17